Yosemei Intelligent System Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011 by machine learning and big data experts from Silicon Valley in USA. Yosemei focuses on developing and selling an intelligent analytics software platform for streaming data arising from operations in IoT and IT. Examples are energy distribution grids, manufacturing assembly lines, machinery, banking data centers, enterprise IT network, and cloud application environment. Yosemei's software platform and applications developed on it help customers optimize their operations, reduce operational cost, troubleshoot performance and security problems, increase efficiency, analyze root causes, and much more. The applications are very diverse and can be developed using the unique Rapid Application Development System (RADS). Application development and deployment on this platform is vastly easier and faster than other options. MLP can handle millions of data sources consisting of billions of events and terabytes to petabytes of data per day. Yosemei is constantly growing its customer base and technology capabilities.

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