MLP (Machine Learning Processor) brings stream data analytics and machine learning solutions for IT or IoT operations to the mainstream. Eliminate the need to design and develop custom code to integrate ever-changing open source tools. Implement ready-to-go solutions or rapidly develop solutions on the MLP platform. Say goodbye to slow and costly solution development cycles. Be in control of your operational environment.

Be it IT log analysis, financial transaction process analysis, power grid optimization, fraud detection, predictive maintenance of factory machines, information security, application performance optimization, anomaly detection, root cause analysis, netflow monitoring, MLP is the one-stop platform for all of your operational intelligence and stream machine learning needs.

End-to-end platform

MLP is the complete streaming big data analytics and machine learning platform with data collection, integration, processing, analysis, display and results.

One-stop platform for your IoT and IT solutions

Run ready-to-go solutions instantly or custom-tailored solutions very rapidly. No need to write and integrate complex software code or messy open source tools.

You become the expert

No need to hire advanced software engineering or data science experts. You become the expert when you use the MLP platform. MLP's Rapid Application Development System™ (RADS) allows one to develop solutions quickly without writing code.

MLP Advantages

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