CTO Dr. Nair won the Class A expert title of the Foreign Talents program of Jiangsu Province

In August 2016, the Jiangsu Province Office of Human Resources and Social Security released the third batch list of foreign experts of 100 Foreign Talents program. Yosemei CTO Dr. Saptho Nair was awarded class A expert title based on his contribution to Yosemei, his deep academic background and rich experience in innovation. Dr. Nair has strong research expertise in the fields of machine learning, pattern recognition, data analytics and signal processing.

Jiangsu province is the second most economically and technologically advanced province in China, with a GDP of US $1.2 trillion in 2016.The 100 Foreign Talents program is a major measure taken by Jiangsu Province to promote the internationalization of talent and to introduce international high-end talent in Jiangsu province. According to the strategic plan, since 2013, it will take about 5 years to introduce 100 internationally renowned high-level foreign experts. Focusing on the introduction of key technologies, the development of high-tech industries, high level scientists, scientific and technological leaders, as well as high level technology and management talents that can lead industrial development, product innovation and market expansion.

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