Yosemei Intelligent System Co., Ltd. was named on the list of Jiangsu Province Foreign Expert Workshop

On December 29, 2017, the Human Resources Department of Jiangsu Province issued the document [2017] 476, on which Yosemei Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd. was listed in the second batch of Jiangsu Province Foreign Expert Workshop.

The Jiangsu Province Foreign Experts Workshop system is an important measure for innovation and talent attraction in Jiangsu Province, which is for strengthening foreign talent management services and gathering of high-level foreign talents. It was launched by the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security in 2016. Suzhou city, an economically and industrially leading center of Jiangsu province, also created the Suzhou Foreign Experts Workshop accordingly. At present, Yosemei is on both of the lists. Jiangsu province is the second biggest economy in China with a GDP exceeding US $ 1.2 trillion, comparable to several European countries.

Since its founding, Yosemei Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the research and development of real-time streaming big data analysis products based on machine learning under the leadership of Dr. Saptho Nair, a class A specialist in the 100-talents program of Jiangsu Province. After more than five years of development, the MLP (Machine Learning Processor) product developed independently by the company has become more and more mature, and it has gradually been applied in banking, IT, industrial manufacturing, energy and power industries.

Yosemei empowers customers with MLP's streaming big data technology to help companies realize value in various aspects such as IT operation and maintenance, equipment maintenance and operation, and business optimization.

MLP is a highly integrated and intelligent platform for streaming big data solutions. Because MLP encapsulates knowledge and experience as drag-and-drop modules, one can quickly implement big data solutions that meet customers’ business requirements with the help of MLP. This includes data acquisition, parsing, cleaning, filtering, aggregating, modeling, analysis, machine learning, and generating analysis reports and visualization display and so on. The whole process does not need software programming; non-programmers who are data analysts can complete these tasks.

MLP differs from competing software several ways, primarily as a streaming data anlysis platform, and as a rapid solution development platform with expertise embedded in it.

The so-called streaming big data refers to big data with time stamp, high speed and continuous arrival. In other words, the streaming big data is a high speed dynamic data set which continues and grows indefinitely with time. The streaming big data exists widely in IT systems, Internet of things systems, financial systems, manufacturing plants, energy grids, aeronautics and astronautics, meteorological measurement and control and other operational environments. The requirements of streaming big data analysis is that it can be analyzed on time and effectively, and the value and information in the data can be obtained near real-time.

MLP was built as a solution platform to enable customers to independently develop various solutions through MLP without writing software code. Of course, customers can also put forward requirements and the yosemei data solutions team can help build solutions. As a platform product, MLP provides a series of solutions to meet the changing and new needs of customers; while competing products provided by other peer companies are mainly single solutions for specific needs.

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