Yosemei Machine Learning Technology Innovative in IT Operation and Maintenance

On November 16, 2017, the second China International Big Data Industry Expo and Summit Forum was successfully concluded at the Beijing National Convention Center. The theme of this event was "Data Fusion, Create the Future".

During the three-day (November 14-November 16) event, Yosemei, Microsoft, Sina, JingDong Cloud and other enterprises made appearances on the same stage. In this summit, Dr. Saptho Nair, CTO of Yosemei and one of the 100-Talents program award winner of Jiangsu Province, was invited to speak. Dr. Nair's speech was "Machine Learning in IT Operational Big Data."

Dr. Nair's informative speech on machine learning, big data, and IT operation and maintenance has aroused the interest of the participants. After the meeting, there were many visitors to the booth of Yosemei for detailed consultation and exchange.

It is known that in today's increasingly complex IT systems, many failures and security issues in operations are unique problems that have never emerged before. For these problems that have never been encountered before, it is impossible to detect them by searching or by making rules.

From the perspective of cost and loss, the twenty-eighty rule applies: 20% of new and unknown problems cause more than 80% of losses or damage.

The other 80% of the common problems may only cause about 20% loss. Ironically, people usually put more manpower and resources on the 80% of common problems. However, there is not enough attention to the 20% of new unknown issues.

The product of Yosemei is designed and developed for this kind of pain point. Through machine learning technology, the analysis of IT operational data can not only monitor the common 80%, but also find the "troublesome 20%" in time. This will help customers improve the stability of the system and minimize the cost and risk.

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