MLP (Machine Learning Processor)

MLP is a one-stop shop for analyzing and interpreting all of your operational data. It is designed with the goal of developing and running data solutions quickly without involving too many parties or complex software programming. MLP is meant for processing machine generated data from operational environments. MLP runs 24x7 continuously in production environments, processing data in near-real time.

MLP is a complete, end-to-end platform for collecting, parsing, extracting, analyzing, filtering, applying algorithms, machine learning, integrating, displaying and alerting for streaming real time fast data. It can process structured, semi structured and unstructured data. One can develop and run stream data processing solutions on it, primarily by an intuitive graphical drag-and-drop interface without writing software code. One can either run pre-built solutions from Yosemei, or have us work with you to create what you need. MLP can be deployed 'on-premise' in secure IT environments within enterprises, financial institutions, factories and other operational environments. The on-premise version is self-contained and runs on a cluster of Linux machines. MLP also runs on the cloud with the same capabilities as the on-premise version, but with the added convenience of the cloud.

MLP's applications in IoT and IT infrastructure

Log analysis and log search

Collect, parse, index, search and archive large amounts of IT logs.

Operation optimization

Continuously and automatically optimize your operations.

Anomaly detection

Use machine learning to find anomalies in IT or IoT operations.

User behavior analysis

Analyze user behavior and make predictions for marketing, e-commerce and advertisement.

Infrastructure health

Continuously monitor infrastructure health. Get warnings.

Forensic investigation

Investigate incidents with full evidence in the form of logs and events.

Prescriptive analytics

Find root causes and solutions to operational problems.

Capacity planning

Understand the trends and predict capacity needs for your operations.

Predictive maintenance

Using machine learning, predict failures or repair needs. Reduce downtime and cost.

Fraud detection and prevention

Detect and prevent fraudulent activities, transactions, etc., using continuous real time stream analytics.

Security threat detection

Detect security and risk in your operations using rules and machine learning.

How to buy MLP

If you are interested in buying MLP, please contact us. We can provide the pre-sale assistance in assessing your needs.

Then we can arrange for a free trial if necessary. For pricing information also, please contact us.

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